Proudly known as the manufacturer of SHOCK SOX, “The 10-Second Removable Fork Seal Protector,” BERM Motorsports offers products for the Motocross and Off-Road enthusiast. Our customers include everyone from AMA professional Supercross & Motocross racers, to top-flight amateur racers, as well as the weekend-warrior.
SHOCK SOX, "The 10-Second Removable Fork Seal Protector," is a product of BERM MOTORSPORTS. Founded in 2001, and made in the USA, SHOCK SOX is the only wrap-around multi-Velcro-strap fork seal protector for the motocross and off-road market. SHOCK SOX are carried at motorcycle dealerships nationwide, and our mission is to continue offering a product that keeps riders on both, the track and trails, by eliminating blown fork seals and unnecessary services department visits.
SHOCK SOX is distributed by Blue Sky Cycle Supply and Tucker Rocky. Picking up a pair of SHOCK SOX is as easy as visiting your local authorized Tucker Rocky dealership.
For more information on SHOCK SOX, visit or contact 972-279-0301.