#ShockSox  The original and still #1... 10-Second Removable Fork Seal Protector

Hassle-Free Fork Seal Protection: Street ~ Off-road ~ Motocross

SHOCK SOX, "The 10-Second Removable Fork Seal Protector", is a product of BERM MOTORSPORTS. Founded in 2001, and made in the USA, SHOCK SOX is the only wrap-around multi-Velcro-strap fork seal protector for the Motocross, Off-road and Street Bike market.

Both, Professional and Amateur Dirt Bike and Street Bike riders across the globe depend on our Hassle-Free fork seal protector to eliminate blown fork seals and unnecessary services department visits.

Carried at motorcycle dealerships worldwide, SHOCK SOX is distributed by Tucker Powersports. Picking up a pair of SHOCK SOX is as easy as visiting your local authorized Tucker Powersports dealership. For more information on SHOCK SOX, visit or contact 972-279-0301.

10-Seconds... all it takes!     
SHOCK SOX and BERM MOTORSPORTS is proud to Partner with the AMA