$ 28.99

For you Off-road riders looking for that extra upper-fork tube protection. Whether you have Motocross modern upside down forks, or Off-road conventional forks. Our 13" model is the perfect choice for upper-fork tube protection. Off-road riders from all over the world rely on 13" SHOCK SOX to protect not only their fork seals, but to also cover and protect the upper tube plating from nicks & dings caused by rocks, tree branches and other unwanted issues out in the harsh trails.  
The “Helmet” for your fork seals. Just like your helmet, you put Shock Sox on when riding, and take them off when done!
Install and remove in 10-Seconds. Keep debris away from seals & helps prolong seal life. Wrap around design makes them easy to put on and take off, enabling you to remove SHOCK SOX to wash Sox and bike.
Competitive products are difficult to put on and almost impossible to take off, which causes dirt to be trapped under sleeve.
Colors: 13" SHOCK SOX Large are available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink.

Sold as a pair.

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