The Original and Still #1 ~ SHOCK SOX, “The 10-Second Removable Fork Seal Protector, is the only wrap-around multi-Velcro-strap fork seal protector for the motocross and off-road market.

SHOCK SOX is a wraparound, neoprene sleeve that covers the lower part of the upper fork tube and the upper part of the lower fork tube, which provides a protective barrier around the fork seals.

The “Helmet” for your fork seals. Just like your helmet, you put Shock Sox on when riding, and take them off when done!

Install and remove in 10-Seconds. Keep debris away from seals & helps prolong seal life. Wrap around design makes them easy to put on and take off, enabling you to remove SHOCK SOX to wash Sox and bike.

Competitive products are difficult to put on and almost impossible to take off, which causes dirt to be trapped under sleeve.

SHOCK SOX offers five different models to cover your dirt bike needs… thank you for checking out ShockSox.com